Licensed Massage Therapist - LMP

This is a job-share position working Mondays through Saturdays at a schedule of your own choosing.  In this position you may schedule as many massages as you are willing to perform on a daily basis. You provide us with your monthly schedule which we make available to our patients to schedule.  We compensate a set rate per massage given. 

Qualified applicants must be licensed and have at least one year experience. This is an excellent opportunity for an LMP who wants to be valued for their skills and knowledge, teaming with other medical professionals to provide holistic patient care. Must enjoy working in a medical/clinical environment and like developing relationships with your clients and coordinating treatment plans with other professionals.

Other Requirements:

  • Conducts brief assessments of all new massage therapy clients for pain, tension, primary areas of complaints, medical conditions, symptoms or problems regarding health, or any body structures that might indicate or contraindicate the use of therapeutic massage, documenting findings on the client health history intake form.
  • Prepares massage therapy room to include adjusting and cleaning the table, supplies, music, lighting, room temperature, etc., to enhance the therapeutic effect of massage.
  • Provides on-going education and information regarding the benefits of massage as it pertains to wellness, stress reduction, chronic pain management, etc., to the massage clients and the community.
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