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Break Through PCOS-The 5 W's

  • Crossroads ObGyn & Wellness 1300 Bay Area Boulevard Houston, TX, 77058 United States (map)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is the most common anovulatory disorder of reproductive women worldwide. As many as 5 million women in the U.S. may be affected and there are estimates are that it affects 1 in 15 women worldwide.  Unfortunately over 50% of women with this disease do not know that they have it.  This is concerning because this disorder increases the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, infertility and cancer!  In fact infertility is the most common symptom of this disorder.  Unfortunately most women that have this disorder are often overlooked and commonly misdiagnosed.  For women that do carry the diagnosis they can often find it frustrating to find options to both educate them on the etiology of their disease but also holistic options for treatment.

Please join us for an informational discussion about one of the most important pillars in a PCOS breakthrough-stress management.  This class will teach more about the hormonal link between stress and PCOS and teach you easy to use techniques to help manage your day to day frustrations so they don't take a toll on your PCOS.  Register below.

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