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Work Life Balance Focus Group

  • Crossroads ObGyn and Wellness 17000 El Camino Real Houston, TX, 77058 United States (map)

How Does Your Job Affect Your Quality of Life?

With 24/7 access to technology, it can seem like the workday never comes to an end. Between email notifications and text messages, social media updates and phone calls from frazzled coworkers, the concept of being “off the clock” has seemed to have disappeared completely.

As our computers became small enough to take home with us in our pockets, we’ve overlooked the importance of setting boundaries and creating healthy norms for work and personal life separation. This has left us with an unhealthy work-life balance.

During our time together I will guide you through ways to set those boundaries and make the time to take care of your needs outside of work. Together, we’ll talk through self-care methods as well as ways to reach out and reconnect with people and activities that may have fallen to the wayside.

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