What is Express Clinic?

Express Clinic is a healthcare solution that was developed out of a need to increase access to common gynecologic services for patients outside of the office.  It also provides a link for healthcare providers in the community to access our providers on behalf of their patients for gynecologic care.

How Does Express Clinic Work?

Express Clinic is a online gynecologic clinic that can be utilized for simple uncomplicated gynecologic concerns such as STD testing, urinary tract infection testing and treatment, pregnancy confirmation, birth control consultation and emergency contraception prescription without coming into the office!  You schedule the appointment online, you receive your confirmation and instructions on how to log on via a confirmation email and then you see the doctor on your tablet, smartphone or laptop!  It's that simple!

 The services are available to the following patients:

  • Existing patients
  • New patients that have been referred by another physician
  • New patients that are located in a designated medical site (i.e. school clinic, firehouse, urgent care center, mental health center, corporate wellness center, walk in clinic or another doctor's office)

Why Would I Use Express Clinic?

Express Clinic services are ideal when you need treatment for the for the following situations but you don't want to or cannot come into the doctor's office.  Also Express Clinic services are available after hours to avoid expensive urgent care or emergency room co-pays.

  • Birth control prescriptions and refills (these prescriptions can be provided through Express Clinic regardless of your preventative exam status)
  • Urinary tract infection symptoms
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Pregnancy Confirmations
  • STD Testing
  • Vaginal Discharge

As A Provider How Can I Use Express Clinic to Help My Patients?

Express Clinic services are to help to ensure continuity of care for your patients while remaining in your care.  Every provider at some point can experience fractured care when referring a patient for services and this service was created to ensure that you as the patient primary provider stay in the loop.  Our services for providers not only allow them to schedule appointment for gyn consultation either prior to or after a visit with you or even while the patient is in your office.  We also provide immediate access to the notes and instructions for the consultation after the visit.  There is minimal overhead to providers as you do not need to purchase any additional equipment to provide this service and your patients can access our services on their own devices.  This helps to not only improve continuity of care but also decreases liability by providing closed loop documentation that the patient has completed the referral.  This allows you to truly provide a more complete level of care.  

How Can Express Clinic Help My Community? 

Many areas in Texas have issues with access to care to common health services including women's health services.  In this age of modern technology and with the advances of telemedicine there is no reason why this should continue to be the case.  Even if your community does not have access to reliable women's healthcare services by providing Express Clinic referrals to patients that present to your facility it ensures that all women across the state of Texas receive the healthcare access that they deserve for basic services.  

Does Insurance Cover Express Clinic Services?

No. In order to keep down the cost of these services we are only able to provide this pricing as a prompt pay discount.  This means that we cannot bill a 3rd party for physician services for these visits.  However if you need lab work or imaging as a result of your visit you should be able to use your insurance for those services.  If you would like to visit us online but use your insurance please check out our virtual services here.  

If I Don't Have Health Insurance Can I Use Express Clinic?

YES!  Express Clinic services are available to all patients regardless of insurance status.  As Express Clinic visits are performed online the overhead to provide these services is lower than if we were to provide these services in office therefore we are able to pass on these cost savings to our patients.  Labs costs are billed separately and for information about lab costs please call our office or use our chat operators who are always happy to assist you. This means that often Express Clinic services are going to be more affordable than an in office visit for most self-pay patients.

How Are Labs Completed If My Visit Is Online?

We provide several options for patients for lab completion.  The easiest method is to go to a local laboratory after your visit to complete your tests.  We take the time to create an online patient portal for you where you will be able to view your lab orders so that you have a back up copy (all lab orders are also sent directly to your facility of choice).  For certain complaints a self swab may be necessary and in that instance you may pick up a swab at one of our locations or we can mail you the swab with instructions for completion and for Fed-Ex pickup.  After your results are received you will get an email and a phone call notifying you that your results are ready to review on the patient portal.  If your results are positive we will schedule a follow up consultation review so that we may review your diagnosis and treatment options so that a prescription may be sent to your pharmacy.  Again all completed online!