Direct Gynecologic Care

We realize that in today's marketplace sometimes it can be costly to access quality gynecologic care. From rising deductibles and copays to patients who don't have any insurance we have seen patients simply go without basic services because it can be too costly.  We developed our express clinic services with these patients in mind.  

Express clinic services are for gynecologic complaints that typically do not require an in person exam but do require consultation with a physician.  Because 90% of a correct diagnosis can be found in the history only board certified gynecologists provide our evaluations. These services are great for medication refills, birth control, emergency contraception, uti & vaginal discharge evaluation, STD testing, menopausal management, and basic fertility evaluations.  We are able to keep costs down for these visits by streamlining our services for these visits.  We do not bill insurance  which allows us to provide a prompt pay discount for services, we do not require our annual administrative fee for these visits since there is not 3rd party involvement, and they are booked and provided exclusively online. Visit us anytime or anyplace!  Our express visits are open to all Texas residents.

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Once you have downloaded the app please make sure that you are logged in and available at the time of your appointment. Make sure to review your email for instructions for your next step to sign your consents and complete your history.  We can't wait to see you!

Monday -Friday: 9AM – 9PM  (except Wednesdays we do not typically offer services after noon)