Did You Know?

Teas can be a wonderful way to prepare herbs for use! They are gentle and form the foundation of herbal self care as they work in a gradual and comforting manner. Simply taking the time during your daily routine to brew and drink tea helps to restore the essence and power of nurturing yourself!

A medicinal tea is a temporary water extract of an herb and must be made daily to ensure freshness and quality. Preparation of medicinal teas differ from that of beverage teas (such as earl grey) in that they are steeped much longer and that the plant material must be free-floating versus being bound up in a tea bag or tea ball. For a nutritive tea it must be steeped for a minimum of 20 minutes with overnight being your best bet. The simplest way to prepare this type of tea is 1 quart at at time in a French tea press or tea pot but they can also be made in a pot on the stove or in a glass mason jar.


Involves steeping the herb in recently boiled water. This is used for more fragile parts of the plant (i.e. leaves and flowers).

*Boil water-turn off the heat. Add 4-6 Tbsp of herb/tea blend to bottom of tea press. (1-1 1/2 Tbsp. herb/cup)

*Let steep covered at least 20 minutes up to overnight. Strain and drink, refrigerate remaining portion and reheat as necessary. Make fresh every 24 hours.

Cold Infusion

Similar to an infusion but cold water is used during the steeping process instead. Our most recommended cold infusion herb is Marshmallow Root.

*Place herb in a little muslin bag allowing it to float gracefully in a quart of cold water.

*Let soak in cold water 20 minutes up to overnight. Dip, squeeze and drink.



Used for extracting more dense plant materials like roots or barks. Decocting simply means to simmer the plant gently in water for 15-20 minutes.

*Boil 1 quart water, add 4-6 Tbsp of herb/tea blend.

*Gently simmer with the lid on for 15-20 min the strain and drink.

*Allow herbs to steep after decocting for a stronger brew. Refrigerate unused portion and reheat as necessary.


Nutritive Teas i.e. Daily Nourishing or Nurturing Tea 3-4 cups daily

* Acute Situations (i.e. fevers, stomach ache, flu, etc.) Drink 1/4 cup every 1/2 hour until you begin to feel better.


Information provided on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice nor as establishment of a physician-patient relationship. For medical advice please contact your personal health provider.