January is Cervical Cancer Month

Cervical Cancer: What You Need To Know

Guideline changes that have evolved over the past 20 years have changed how often  women in the United States are required to receive cervical cytology or a "Pap Smear"  from every year to every 2-3 years. Despite this many women continue to get unnecessary pap smears yearly.   As January is cervical cancer awareness month this is the perfect time to review generally recommended guidelines for how often you should receive your pap smear. However please remember that your individual risk must be determined each year during your annual exam to determine if you qualify for extended interval screening.  This means that it is still important to visit your gynecologist annually. 

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In addition to the pap smear there is another test which may help to look for the virus that causes many cervical cancers called Human Papillomavirus or HPV. Many women are either unaware or don't understand the full impact of the HPV virus on the development of cervical cancer. This virus is implicated in many patients with cervical cancer and other cancers as well as being the causative factor in many patients with genital warts.  We encourage all of our patients to educate themselves not only on the HPV virus but also make sure that they are up to date on their pelvic exams and Pap smears.  Don't be late!--Cervical cancer is a completely survivable disease if caught early!  


Remember Early Detection Saves Lives!  By getting your screening or reminding someone to get their screening you just may be saving a life---and it may even be your own.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton sat down with several young women to discuss HPV and what all women should know.

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Don't let this month pass you by without making sure that you and the women that you love in your life are up to date on their cervical screenings as well as HPV testing and vaccination when indicated.  You may save someone's life...including your own.

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