Below the Belt

Recently I came across a procedure that as a gynecologist I truly think is revolutionary.  Up until this point the majority of vaginal rejuvenation procedures involved traditional surgical methods and or laser therapy.  Although laser treatments do offer more convenience that the typical surgery to improve both the appearance and function of the vaginal area, they are still surgical procedures so the risks of pain, infection and scarring are still present.  Since this is such a delicate and functional area many gynecologists previously have been hesitant to counsel patients on this type of procedure.

There is a new procedure called the Thermiva which I had the pleasure of performing recently so that I could observe the results.  I must say I was absolutely impressed! This device delivers radiofrequency energy through a wand applied to both the inner and outer aspects of the vagina. Each section is treated separately and the results are visible and immediate which I truly thought was one of the main benefits of the procedure.  Unlike most cosmetic procedures that can involve downtime, pain or discomfort this procedure only results in a gentle warmth during the procedure when applied on the outside and nearly none when applied on the inside. As someone who had administered many pelvic exams in my opinion having this procedure appeared to cause less discomfort than a pap smear!

To see before and after pictures of the procedure please click here.

The energy is applied directly to the area needed via a small wand that is easy to insert.  If you are experiencing more symptoms of leakage or want try for improved orgasms than you can have the operator focus more attention to the anterior aspect to further tighten this area. Treatment of the inner aspects also can help to combat vaginal dryness which can affect up to 70% of the post menopausal population.  Up until now these women were primarily served through pill, rings or creams that have to be taken continuously to stay symptom free. About 10 minutes into the procedure you can already visibly see the results and by the end of the 30 minutes the area is visibly plumper, tighter and has an overall more youthful appearance.

Of course as a gynecologist I have to say that this type of procedure is currently not considered medically necessary because every vagina is different and there are normal variations in the size of labia.  The reality is though however even given this natural variation sometimes the size of the tissue can cause friction, irritation or discomfort.  Even if this is not your situation you may just want to improve the overall appearance of the vaginal area this procedure does it with the most minimal effort and quickest results that I have ever seen!  The reality is that this procedure offers women something that truly has previously not been available as a treatment option not only just for appearance but also has the appeal of possibly also being a great treatment for incontinence.  It is because of this that this technology definitely should be commonplace knowledge for every woman.



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