At Crossroads we love our patients! We realize that sometimes a little support is just what you need to stay committed to your health resolutions. Check here for tips and classes to keep you on your health path this year.


Didn't quite stay on track with your new year's resolutions? Changing your diet to a more whole food plant based diet is a great way to do a natural detox and is very restorative to the gut where 95% of your health begins.  For ideas and recipes based on this type of nutritional program check out our recipe suggestions here and follow us for weekly recipe updates.  A detox program can also be a great way to flush out the body of toxins and reset your metabolic balance.   Click here to view our detox packages. Fees includes professional coaching, all supplements and 45 meal replacements.

We are also committed to developing individualized plans for patients that help to support a transition to a healthier lifestyle.  

Our office is also committed to overall wellness coaching to help you reach your health goals.  For more information please check out our wellness coaching video here.

It's time to renew your commitment to your health and your body!