We like to inform as much as possible regarding any out of pocket expenses you may have at your visit. Please see our appointment terms and conditions.

We request that all patients sign their consent forms either 48 hours prior to appointment (or by 8 pm if booked less than 48 hours or 1 hour prior to appointment if booked same day) prior to appointment confirmation. 

Appointments that are not checked in by noon 8 am 2 days prior to appointment (or by 8 pm for next day or 2 hours prior for same day appointments) are subject to cancellation, wait listing or rescheduling and fees or forfeiture of deposit will occur. If you do not check-in a $45 fee will be assessed.  Same day or cancellations < 48 hours or no shows for insured patients are subject to fees of $45.   No shows, same day or cancellations < 48 hours for self patients will forfeit (lose) their visit deposit. If a cancellation is required for an appointment that is scheduled for the next day (for example an appointment is scheduled on Thursday for Friday) we must receive the cancelled within 1 hour of booking in order to not incur fee.  

We do require that all patients leave a credit card/FSA/HSA card on file for any balances not paid by insurance or balances on account.  If you would prefer to not leave a card of file you may leave a $200 deposit on file to cover any balance not paid by insurance or balances on account.  All cards left on file are secured with bank level encryption and are PCI-1 compliant. 

For Self Pay patients only:  Patients are required to pay deposit for appointment at the time of booking. The card that is left on file will be charged for your assigned charges. No shows and/or cancellations will forfeit the entire deposit amount. If you need to cancel your appointment within the check in deadline period and you cannot reschedule your deposit amount will be forfeited. If your appointment is rescheduled your deposit will be forwarded to your rescheduled appointment.

For insured patients: Please select the option to leave card on file or provide card for payment as instructed when booking your appointment.  Please note that for most patients co-pays are not required for the annual gynecologic exam however please check with your plan for your specific benefits.  Please note that if you have an HMO plan that you may be required to obtain an authorization from your primary care provider PRIOR to your visit with us.  If you have an HMO plan please contact your PCP for this authorization and have it faxed to 281-487-3831.

These visits are accomplished online via a Skype-similar HIPPA compliant video conference. Desktop, laptop, or smartphone required for this type of visit.  Charges for visit are billed to in network insurances when applicable with the normal office co-pay/benefits as in office services to your card on file. If you are using insurance you may want to check with them first to make sure that you have specific coverage to see our physicians online as some insurances only allow members to see a specific group of doctors online even if we are in your network for office appointments.   If you are self pay your visit charges will be charged to your card upon the confirmation of this appointment and cancellation fees will apply as above.  If you reside outside the state of Texas or are a new patient our office will contact you as we must obtain a referral from a physician who has seen you in the past year.  Instructions on registering for the video conference will be sent after the confirmation of your visit.



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