Our goal is to bring the healing that you experience here at our office home with you in the form of a personalized program.  These programs deliver personalized content to you everyday via your own portal and integrates with Fitbit (although that is not required to benefit).  Medications can only go so far in regards to maintaining your health and we find that some of our most successful patients participate in these plans--they are month to month without a contract.  Once you have reached your health goal then you would just cancel your program (unless you wanted to continue on a maintenance plan--it's all your choice!)

Terms and Conditions: All sales for initial programs are final.  For reoccuring programs to cancel program we request that you submit a help request under the help tab on our website.  Cancellation will be processed no sooner than 7 days after cancellation date--if this is after next renewal date then one additional month of plan will be applicable.