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Our Mission-To help you learn to live a healthier lifestyle

No one is perfect.  It is very easy to say to someone that they need to be healthier, exercise more and lose weight.  However it is hard to put those habits into daily practice for a lot of people and typically not because of any fault of their own.  It is has been our experience with patients that with adequate support and a personalized program that almost anyone can succeed at integrating healthier choices day to day.  Our program includes:

  • Personalized menu plan
  • Recipes
  • Grocery store visits to teach you how to read ingredient labels
  • Body composition analysis
  • Mind-body analysis to determine what underlying factors may also be contributing to weight loss resistance
  • Hormonal evaluation
  • Metabolic evaluation
  • Far infrared and body lymphatic drainage therapy
  • Supplement and pharmeutical support when necessary

We would love to help you start, restart or maintain the journey to a healthy lifestyle.  When you are ready to commit click here.

Based on information from the NIH herbal remedies and vitamins have shown to be effective for common conditions both with and without traditional therapies.*

Although you may randomly chose a vitamin off the shelf thinking that you are doing the right thing there is absolutely no individual treatment of your personal deficiencies!  Here at Crossroads we have developed a comprehensive package that involves complete micronutrient evaluation and dietary supplementation that is individualized to you.  Why take something that you don't need?  And what if you are deficient in something that you don't even know because of stress or recent pregnancy, surgery, gastric bypass, cancer or other illness?  In addition we also offer specialized lipid profile, nutritional, and hormonal testing above and beyond the typical panel that is offered in most standard laboratories. 

Many times depending on your medical condition these labs may be covered by your insurance (of course we will check with your individual plan).   We don't want any patient to not receive this type of individualized treatment because of lack of insurance and we offer special packages for those patients without insurance.  Lack of insurance should not equal lack of health!!

We invite you to come by our office an view our array of supplements.  We will be more than happy to provide you with complimentary information and an comprehensive profile that may be completed in the comfort of your home.  

For information on our detox program please visit the following link:

Medical Detox Program

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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