Women take care of many things in their lives.  If you can't recall the last time you really took care of yourself let us help you discover a healthier, happier you!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.  We specialize in whole body health, wellness, anti-aging, and hormonal balancing.  We hand tailor each visit with personalized holistic wellness recommendations to keep you healthy and offer complete wellness services including gynecologic care, holistic wellness, hormonal management, intimacy health, nutritional management and weight loss. Our providers work together to address all aspects of women's health from your mind-body connection perspective.

Our doctors practice an integrative gynecology technique which incorporates both traditional, ancient and holistic methods.  Most patients are very familiar with Western medicine as that is what they are traditionally used to however many are unfamiliar with other medical traditions.  We incorporate these other more ancient medical traditions as they are best suited for most patients's long term preventative health needs.  Our specialized intake, which all patients complete, allow our doctors to evaluate you from a traditional Western perspective as well the following:

  • A traditional Chinese medicine perspective (in terms of the 5 element theory)

  • An Aryuvedic perspective ( in terms of your particular body type or dosha)

  • A Hormonal perspective in terms of the chemical balance and relationship in your neuro-endocrine system

  • A Functional Medicine Perspective which looks at the root cause of what may be causing your problem as opposed to just looking and treating symptoms

All of these perspectives are combined along with your input to ultimately determine the best course of care which often includes a combination of both traditional and holistic therapies.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the above types of medical perspectives we would love to share with you more information about them.  We have enclosed videos below on each perspective (except hormonal as most women are quite familiar with the hormonal yo-yo that can occur) and it's possible benefits for your treatment.

We realize that some patients cannot physically come to one of our offices in Houston, Texas however we want to be able to provide our specialized hormonal, intimacy and whole health counseling services to all patients across the world.  In order to do this we do provide secure online video and phone consultations to patients who are currently under the care of another practitioner however need specialized counseling in one of our specialized areas. 

Dr. Sims office was great all the way. I have been searching for a doc I really like. And she is so nice and caring my search is over and I will always go to her. I think she is very smart and her staff are professional and nice.
— Vitals.com