to Cancel or reschedule your appointment

Please remember that our office has the following appointment policy which was part of the appointment terms and conditions that were agreed upon at the time your appointment was booked.

Same day or cancellations < 48 hours or no shows for insured patients are subject to fees of $45.   No shows, same day or cancellations < 48 hours for self patients will forfeit (lose) their visit deposit. If a cancellation is required for an appointment that is scheduled for the next day (for example an appointment is scheduled on Thursday for Friday) we must receive the cancelled within 1 hour of booking in order to not incur fee.  

  • To cancel your appointment outside of the 48 hour window please click on the blue link at the bottom of  your confirmation email that says Change/Cancel Appointment to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • To cancel your appointment within the 48 hour window please be advised that you will not be able to cancel your appointment independently.  You will need to submit a help request to do so here.  Please include your reason for cancellation.  Once we have processed your cancellation you will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.