A Letter to You, our future patient...

Our office is not like most traditional obgyn medical practices.  We have much more of an integrated and holistic approach towards our patients.  We appreciate your consideration of our practice and have written the letter below to explain a little bit more about our practice approach and why we think it is the best approach for women's healthcare.  However we do realize that this may be confusing to new patients therefore if you have any questions regarding this please feel free to visit our home page and send us your question!  We look forward to seeing you as a patient!

Dear Prospective Patient,

 Our society today is currently being plagued by chronic disease. Pick your poison from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, allergies, auto-immune diseases, chronic insomnia/fatigue, chronic pain, stress, gastrointestinal issues, and obesity the list goes on and on of the things that are slowing killing us.  As a physician in a practice pretty exclusively comprised of women the effects of of current health epidemic continues to show up through anxiety, depression, acne, chronic vaginal infections, fibroids, cancer, PCOS, and various other hormonal disorders.  At last count 66% of Americans were overweight and obese and for those that aren't in this category a large majority are still nutrient deficient.  All of this is also slowly bankrupting us--to think if you are just on 1 daily medication of what would be considered a low copay of $35/month that would cost you $420/year!  Even for those lucky few that don't fall into one of these categories many of them feel failed by the current healthcare system.

Currently with the way that most medical practices that accept insurance are set up there is little room besides much else but continuing to perpetuate the cycle of repeat visits and more medications as education and spending time getting to know your patients, where they come from and what's going on in their lives, shopping with them, showing people how to read food labels, educating them about nutrition, teaching them how to cook a healthy meal or educating them about the hormone-brain-gut connection is not something that is typically valued in terms of reimbursement.  Therefore most practices can't and don't spend the time to complete these foundational tasks of true healthcare.

At the same time more patients are desperate for a more personal connection with their physician.  They have their suspicions that they may not be getting everything that they really need from their doctor but don't know where to turn for an alternative. They want to be able to reach out and touch their provider at a moment's notice in a way that is convenient for them and that moves at life's pace.  They want to know that their doctor is truly a partner in their health and not just invested in an office visit.  They don't want to be shuttled back and forth like cattle.  It is because of all of these things that here we decided to do things differently.

We realize that the majority of Americans have insurance plans and although its sounds nice to have a "concierge" physician most people can't afford $700 on up in the annual fees that sometimes these practices can charge to take time to provide all those things that we were just talking about.  Our goal is to support you in a real life approach so that you actually succeed in achieving optimal mind-body balance, sleep and eat well, have healthy relationships, and ultimately have the physical capabilities to carry out your universal purpose all while being able to access all of the services that your insurance does cover.  So we had ourselves a bit of a pickle!  We had to either accept that we were going to continue to promote the status quo and ultimately not really benefit the health of our patients (not an option!) or we could move to not accept insurance and go directly towards cash based services which ultimately also would limit our ability to continue to help our insured patients (also not an option!)  It wasn't until we put our creative thinking caps on that we found that we could provide all these things that patients needed for good health at a much lower cost that we previously thought.  We realized that in order to truly combat disease and to achieve optimal health in the mind, body and spirits of our patients certain things that currently are not covered by insurance are really not optional--they are essential.  After all for you to be truly healthy our relationship has to be one of a partnership where you are also just as invested in your own health.  It was with that realization and acceptance of what our patients really need for harmonious health that our practice created our Health Harmony system.

Our Health Harmony system takes into account the fact that most patients need more than the 5-7 minutes that are spent per visit currently at most doctor's offices. It acknowledges that our patients have busy lives and need access to their physicians for advice outside of the office visit to answer questions or to reinforce a health plan that was previously established.  These packages also cover a whole host of health care services that are typically not reimbursed by insurance but in our opinion are essential in you being successful in your healthcare goals, getting off of medications, achieving a nutrient dense diet and maintaining stress reduction and balance. These services are directed at providing better access to our physician, improved office visits, stress reduction, nutritional education and improving your healthcare experience.  Because of the importance of these other services to overall health these packages are strongly recommended to each new patient at our practice that registers for an appointment with our physicians and this has been the case since 4/13/2015. 

If you would like to become a patient of our practice and are a new patient but do not wish to enroll in a Harmony Health package we also offer more traditional insurance only visits and self pay direct care services for common health concerns.  We understand that our practice is unique and you may not be prepared to contribute extra to your healthcare services at this time and you would just like to utilize our office for streamlined direct care services or only services that your insurance provides.  We want you to know that although we strongly recommend our Health Harmony Packages for an elevated healthcare experience we would still like the opportunity to still service your healthcare needs if you do not wish to enroll in a package selection at this time.  You are able to use your insurance for medical visits however you must be aware that you may not have access to some of our services as you are choosing to only access services that your insurance covers.

All packages provide additional services that are not covered by health insurance however our office will continue to bill your insurance for services that they do cover. All Harmony Health Packages are available for financing as well as monthly payment plans.*  Our staff is always ready to assist you with any questions about our Health Harmony system before you become a patient either via phone, chat or email. Also our patient liaisons are always ready to help review your health history one on one to ensure that we are the right practice for you absolutely free of charge.  Please see an overview of our package services below.

Core Harmony Health Package $182/year = .50 cent/day (includes)

1. Direct text messaging with physician from 9 am- 4 pm

2. Full patient portal access (includes secure portal communication with both staff and physician) for questions about health care plans, lab results and medications therefore avoiding the need to wait on hold to ask a question to staff.

3. Guaranteed 30 minute appointment slots to ensure adequate time with physician with a functional medicine approach

4. Group grocery visit with physician to local grocery stores to learn about healthy shopping and food labels

5. All inclusive paperwork fees (no additional fees for copies of medical records, work on your behalf for prior authorization or medication changes, forms that must be completed on behalf of your employer, disability/FMLA paperwork  or any other forms needed)

6. Access to group visits for nutritional educational counseling as well as online access to recorded educational and nutritional sessions

7. Customized 8 week wellness plan delivered to inbox daily with menu plan, recipes, meditation videos, and tailored exercise plan.

8. 1 Heart Math Session-(biofeedback analysis for stress reduction)-this simple-to-use technology helps you transform feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration into more peace, ease and clarity. For more information about the Heart Math system and it's benefits please click here.

9. Nutrition and Exercise Prescriptions

10. Hospital Advocacy and Support

11. Exclusive Supplement Specials

12. 30% supplement discount for initial 30 days on plan with online dispensary.

13.  Standard lab testing discounts (for self pay patients or patients with high deductible plans)

Elite Harmony Health Package $273 = .75 cent/day

1. All the features of the Core Harmony package plus

2. Extended hour text messaging to 7 pm

3. Secure email directly with physician (outside of the patient portal)

4. Complete body analysis via bioimpedance* (once yearly w/report) *For more information about bioimpedance and body composition please click here*

5. Skin analysis with report* (one yearly w/report)

6. 2 virtual visits/year

7. 2 Hearth Math Sessions for stress relief and mood balancing plus mediation feedback session to help to teach you how to meditate

8. Virtual Lifestyle Education

Advanced Harmony Health Package $365 = $1/day

1. All the features of Core and Elite Harmony Packages

2. After hours text messaging from 9 am -9 pm

3. Guaranteed 1 hour visit slots

4.  2 additional virtual visits/year

5. Body analysis at each and every visit with report

6.  3 sessions of Heart Math (biofeedback analysis for stress reduction)-this simple-to-use technology helps you transform feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration into more peace, ease and clarity plus Inner Balance Session for better sleep

7. Specialty lab discounts

Ultimate Harmony Health Package $545 = < $1.50/day

1. All the benefits for the Core, Elite and Advanced Harmony Packages

2. Unlimited virtual visits throughout the year

3. Cell phone access to physician 9 am- 9 pm

4. Cooking visit at your home by physician to help instruct in methods of cooking and preparation of nutrient dense meals

5. Unlimited Heart Math sessions for stress reduction as well as access to all Heart Math modules including all above modules plus Brain Fitness.

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Wishing you the best in health!
Crossroads ObGyn & Wellness, P.A.


* Body & Skin Analysis evaluations to start 12-15-2015; Heart Math will be available starting 1-3-2016. Cell phone and text messaging access not available during provider absence (i.e. vacation). For packages that require outside credit based financing there is an additional 6.5% service fee and for those that do not qualify or wish to apply for credit based financing and wish to set up an in house payment plan there is an additional 10% service fee.
**Please do not leave message on chat portal for any medical concerns or issues as this portal is for administrative questions only.