Don't Ask Don't Tell

As a member of the North American Menopause Society we are always receiving the most up to date information in regards to the best way to care for women in regards to their bodies as they age.  Most women do not realize the changes that their body can go through after the menopausal transition (and sometimes even before!) in regards to their sexual health.  Common problems can occur like vaginal dryness, irritation, and increased vaginal infections.  Other issues that can arise are problems with decreased desire, low libido, decreased ability to orgasm as well as painful intercourse.  Statistics clearly tell us that women experience these issues but the problem seems to be that although they may be suffering in the bedroom they may not bring it up with their doctor or gynecologist.  As a gynecologist I always say that sexual health and satisfaction is the 5th vital sign so it is indeed very important for patients to feel comfortable enough to tell their doctors about any problems that they are having and that includes their intimate health.  

Is your doctor uncomfortable talking about sex?  We aren't!  Your doctor may be great in every other way but may just not be the best at helping you with this particular area.  It is possible to have an experience with a physician who is absolutely comfortable talking about sex, intimacy and any problems that you may be having.  Are you ready to have the conversation?

For more information about common intimate problems that women can experience as well as some current treatment options we encourage you to check out this video.  In this latest video Dr. Shapiro interviews Dr. Sheryl A Kingsberg, PhD.